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With years of experience and superior technology, we stand behind the precision of our customers

Hailed as a "factory for the customer", Dai-ichi Sokuhan Works Co. (DSW) can respond to a wide range of needs – whether it be the manufacture of a multitude of items or a one-off production. This is the combination of technological prowess cultivated through years of experience and a willingness to challenge the status quo. DSW's expertise in gauge manufacture extends to digital pneumatic micrometers, automated measuring instruments, automatic sorting machines and other electronic technology, and performs a significant role in increasing the speed of measurements produced in the manufacturing industry. DSW's advanced technology also applies to the production of precision ball screws, which contribute to the cutting-edge technology employed in the manufacture of semiconductors across the globe. In addition, unique to DSW and a product of the Company's precision processing technology, the Small-Internal-Diameter Measuring Machine (IDM) and Super-Precision Indexing Devices (SPID) have garnered high acclaim, winning the 1st Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award.

It is in a "factory for the customer" that DSW's products are created in accordance to the customer's needs, and to the highest quality.

A "factory for the customer" designed for multiple- or single-item manufacture

Dai-ichi Sokuhan Works Co. has developed an integrated system that single-handedly controls the entire job process, from receiving an order to design, manufacture, quality control and dispatch. The system administers detailed management of delivery dates and stability in the production process. The factory interior maintains a consistent operating temperature year-round. The regular temperature in the precision measuring room used in the final inspection stage is 20ºC, while humidity is maintained at 50%. In addition, the factory employs measures to guard against possible vibrations, which provides added assurance in the quality control stage.
To be able to respond effectively to the customer's requirements, whether it be for one or several products, DSW's sales representative or technician will visit the customer for any consultations that may be necessary. Following a thorough discussion with the customer, DSW will prepare an invoice or, if appropriate, begin preparations for production. Even with products involving a complicated process, a comprehensive range of equipment and efficient layout system allows DSW to correspond to any type of request.

As it satisfies the requirements of every customer, DSW's "factory for the customer" is constantly evolving, owing to its ability to respond comprehensively and with flexibility.

From social interaction to the development of new technology

To be able to further develop its own advanced technology, and to see its technology applied to new areas, DSW dedicates a great deal of time interacting personally and in a technical capacity with universities, the AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) and other government offices, as it performs research in cooperation with academic institutions. It is interaction such as this that prompts the birth of new technology and ideas to define the times, as well as the spread of information.

DSW has been awarded the Japan Society for Precision Engineering's Takagi Prize and Technology Prize – the fruits of the Company's social activities merging with its core technology.

Factory Layout

Factory Layout
Dai-ichi Sokuhan Works Co. has three manufacturing lines based on its main products. The area at the front, middle and back in this figure of the first floor is manufacturing lines of ball screws, thread gauges and precision measuring instruments respectively. The factory is also arranged according to the order of the process: The forming step (preparatory step) – in which materials are processed and threads are formed – is carried out on the left side of the factory; finishing processes such as grinding and assembling is carried out in the middle; and inspection and shipment is carried out on the right side. The production control center is the core of manufacturing section. We perform production planning and control the progress of manufacturing processes here. The precision of our products produced through these processes is ensured in the precision measuring room where the temperature and humidity is automatically maintained at 20°C and 50% respectively.
Factory Layout