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Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

1.The Company will strive to keep its promise to customers whilst enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
2.The Company will regularly work to improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System.
3.The Company will strive for the improvement and appropriate use of the abilities of its employees.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Principle
The preservation of the global environment is a key issue for Dai-ichi Sokuhan Works Co. By developing operating procedures that sympathize with the environment, the Company aims to co-exist harmoniously with the local community rich in "water and green" cultivated by the Shinano river.
Environmental Policy
A maker of precision measuring instruments and precision machine parts, Dai-ichi Sokuhan Works Co. strives to promote environmental conservation as an element of its operating procedures.
1.The Company aims to reduce waste and energy consumption in all areas of operation.
2.Environmental purposes and targets will be established and administered within feasible technical and economical limits. Following regular reviews, the company will from time to time make improvements to its Environmental Management System.
3.The Company will promote the procurement of commodities ideal to environmental conservation, as well as the development of environmentally friendly products whose life cycle has a positive effect on the environment.
4.The Company will uphold the laws, regulations and other requirements pertaining to environmental conservation, whilst striving to maintain pollution control.
5.All employees will be made thoroughly aware of the Environmental Policy via educational training and campaigns, the details of which will be made available to the public.