Corporate Information


Mar. 1944 Established with capital of ¥180,000 as Ojiya Aircraft Parts Mfg.. Co., Ltd at Ojiya City, Niigata Pref.
Jul.1944 Started business
Jan.1948 Renamed to Dai-ichi Sokuhan Works Co
Jun.1958 Established Tokyo Office
Feb.1959 Designated as JIS Class III Factory
Sep.1961 Designated as JIS Class II Factory; Designated items: All screw thread gauges, including Metric, Unified, Whitworth, etc.
May.1963 Established Osaka Branch
Oct.1963 Established Nagoya Branch
May.1966 Moved head office and factory to 1222m Hiu-ko, Ojiya City, Niigata pref.
Aug..1966 Designated as JIS Class I Factory; Designated items: Limit Gauges for Metric & Unified Screw Threads, Limit Gauges for Parallel Pipe Threads, Gauges for Taper Pipe Threads
Nov.1975 Started marketing of air micrometer
Jan.1976 Established "millipneu" air micrometer technical engagement with Feinpruf of west Germany
Aug.1979 Started marketing of ball screws.
Jun.1980 Constructed ball screw factory.
Aug.1982 Successfully developed differential pressure type digital air micrometer "admec"
May.1987 Successfully developed Measuring Machine for Small Bore Diam. & Internal Diam. "IDM"
Mar.1989 Developed Super Precision Indexing Device "SPID-720"
May.1990 Moved head office and factory to 826-2, Tsubono, Ojiya City, Niigata Pref.
Oct.1992 Successfully developed Column type Air/Electronic Micrometer "COLMEC"
Oct.1994 Successfully developed Measuring Machine For Small Internal Diameter IDM-30 EX
Mar.1998 Registered as company getting acquire of ISO-9001
Apr.2003 Started marketing of Compact type Air Micrometer "mini"
May.2005 Started marketing of Grind Gauge
Sep.2005 Registered as company getting acquire of ISO-14001(For Head Office only)
Oct.2005 Established Shanghai Office in P.R. Chaina
Jun.2006 Started marketing of "T-Safe"