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The “ISSOKU Brand” taking big leaps forward in the world

We are proud of ISSOKU brand which includes gauges, measuring instruments and precision machine parts and play an important role in various industries such as the automotive, aeronautical, electronic devices and industrial machine industries and are highly appreciated by many customers.
We have business centers in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, the Hokuriku and Kyushu regions and have developed a unique sales network agency system in each region and have formulated a marketing-type business strategy mainly to grip market trends and collect information.
We have also dealt with the globalization of industry such as the recent shift overseas of customers’ production facilities and are actively developing business overseas with specific staff.
Through enlarging customer need feedback, fine-tuning aftercare and improving maintenance, it follows that we have realized and provided higher quality service.

Head Office/Factory
826-2, Tsubono, Ojiya, Niigata, 947-0044, Japan
TEL: 0258-84-3911/FAX: 0258-81-2113
E-mail: niigata@issoku.jp

Sales Dept

Niigata Office
826-2, Tsubono, Ojiya, Niigata, 947-0044, Japan
TEL: 0258-84-3916/FAX: 0258-81-2113
E-mail: niigata@issoku.jp
Tokyo Office
M&M Bldg. 7Fl, 2-13-12, Higashiueno, Taitoku, Tokyo, 110-0015, Japan
TEL: 03-5812-6722/FAX: 03-5812-6725
E-mail: tokyo@issoku.jp
Osaka Office
Kosumo Nishihonmachi Bldg. 4Fl, 2-5-28, Nishihonmachi, Nishiku, Osaka 550-0005, Japan
E-mail: osaka@issoku.jp
Nagoya Office
Tsukasa Bldg. 3Fl, 2-14-1, Kanayama, Naka, Nagoya, 460-0022, Japan
E-mail: nagoya@issoku.jp
Toyama Office
Kuwashima Bldg. 1Fl, 1-8, Shimizumotomachi, Toyama, 930-0034, Japan
E-mail: hokuriku@issoku.jp
Ball Screw Dept.
826-2, Tsubono, Ojiya, Niigata, 947-0044, Japan
TEL: 0258-81-2111/FAX: 0258-81-2112
E-mail: ballscrew@issoku.jp
Overseas Business Sec.
826-2, Tsubono, Ojiya, Niigata, 947-0044, Japan
TEL: 0258-84-3922/FAX: 0258-81-2113
E-mail: gaijibu@issoku.jp


Shanghai Issoku Gauges Trade Co.,Ltd.
Room A8-235, Jiahua Business Center
No.808, Hongqiao Road, Xuhui Area, Shanghai China P.C. 200030
E-mail: shanghai@issoku.cn